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Need Help Achieving Your Goals?

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Everyone needs a little help reaching their goals. Whether it’s managing your money, preparing for homeownership or planning for retirement, Northwoods Bank is here to help you find the solutions that work best for you.

By sharing your current needs and longer-term goals with a Northwoods Bank banker, we can assess your current financial picture and help you develop an action plan. A personalized plan will allow you to monitor your progress and help you make the best financial decisions for your situation as you take steps toward reaching your goals.

Meet with a Northwoods Bank banker today and let us help you take charge of your financial goals.

  • Budgeting your money & financial priorities

    Top 10 things to know when budgeting your money and setting financial priorities.
    1. Narrow your objectives. Identify your goals clearly and why they matter to you, and decide which are most important.
    2. Focus first on the goals that matter. To accomplish primary goals, you will often need to put desirable but less important ones on the back burner.
    3. Be prepared for conflicts. When faced with such a conflict, you should ask yourself questions like: Will one of the conflicting goals benefit more people than the other?
    4. Put time on your side. The most important ally you have in reaching your goals is time.
    5. Choose carefully. In drawing up your list of goals, you should look for things that will help you feel financially secure, happy or fulfilled.
    6. Include family members. If you have a spouse or significant other, make sure that person is part of the goal-setting process.
    7. Start now. The longer you wait to identify and begin working toward your goals, the more difficulty you'll have reaching them.
    8. Sweat the big stuff. Once you have prioritized your list of goals, keep your spending on course. Whenever you make a large payment for anything, ask yourself: "Is this taking me nearer to my primary goals - or leading me further away from them?"
    9. Don't sweat the small stuff. Although this lesson encourages you to focus on big-ticket, long-range plans, most of life is lived in the here-and-now and most of what you spend will continue to be for daily expenses - including many that are simply for fun.
    10. Be prepared for change. Your needs and desires will change as you age, so you should probably re-examine your priorities at least every five years.

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