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Why Bank With Us?

Why do customers choose Northwoods Bank of MN as their bank of choice among many available options?

  • Northwoods Bank provides Hometown community banking at its best.

    First, we are locally owned and managed. Decisions are made by people who know you, and care about your needs. We are your neighbors.  As a result, you gain from our knowledgeable and responsive service and true understanding of what this community needs.  If you want a bank where customers are known by name and made to feel welcome as soon as they come in the door, we are the bank you’re looking for.  When one of our staff says, "May I help you?" they really want to help you.

    Second, our mission is to help you attain financial success.  At Northwoods, it begins with the customer, his or her wants and needs.  All of a family's financial events, from the household checking account to a home loan to retirement funds, will be as important to the bank as they are to the family.  Our products and services are tailored to meet your needs.

    Third, there is on-site control over all services, products, loan approvals, and interest rates. We can do loan approvals and set our rates and fees right here. We don't have to get approvals from a corporate office somewhere else. And we don't have the bureaucracy or overhead that big banks do, so we can pass the savings on to you.

  • Keep It Local
  • What sets us apart from the local competition?

Servicing Park Rapids, MN And The Surrounding Areas

Family owned and operated since 1919

Our team members greet you with a smile and the expertise you are looking for!

  • 218.732.7221
  • 1200 East First Street
    Park Rapids, MN 56470
    NMLS #416535

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